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First Presentation:

Speaker: Chris Habets, CEA, B.Eng

Business Development Manager – Energy and Sustainability

Nortec Humidity Ltd

Energy and Sustainability through Evaporation

Evaporative cooling isn’t a new technology – Ancient Egyptians used it, and some sources claim Leonardi da Vinci built the first mechanical air cooler with evaporative cooling. Waterfalls have been providing a cooling mist for all of history! However, this presentation will look at how we can apply this simple concept in today’s buildings with modern HVAC equipment. By using evaporative technology, we can significantly reduce electrical and gas usage for cooling and humidification. In some cases, we can reduce heating energy as well. Finally, we’ll also look at why the humidity we add with evaporative cooling is a good thing, and how we control the humidity levels to avoid “swampy” conditions

Second Presentation:

Speaker: Tom Grochmal, PhD, P.Eng.

Title: Manager, Market Development, Union Gas

The Evolving Energy Landscape

This presentation will review the energy efficiency landscape, which is quickly evolving as the province transitions towards a low carbon economy. This session will also raise your knowledge of the opportunities available to implement energy efficiency and other low carbon solutions to support business, while they manage costs and work towards their sustainability goals.  The presentation will review Cap and Trade as well as the DSM programs which help offset its impact.